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The Artists

Who We Are

Lital Din

Resident Artist 

moved to Berlin on 2015.

Before she started tattooing,
she studied Visual Communication.
she had always passion for Designing, Photography, Drawing and Tattoos.
in her work,  she likes to combine different graphic styles, collages, interesting perspectives
together with different techniques such as Geometric, Line work, Dot work, Abstract , Collage, Watercolour, Line Work, Surrealism.
she is always fascinated  to transform your ideas into a unique tattoos.

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Daniel OV

Resident Artist 

Daniel was born in Ukraine and moved to Berlin on the year 2020.

He started his Journey as a tattoo artist in 2018.

He specialises in a huge variety of tattoo styles from Geometry to Abstract, Blackwork and Calligraphy.  

He loves to combine different art styles and make it in his own way which will reflect your next tattoo in the most unique way possible.

Daniel is always up for a challenges and open minded to take your ideas and turn it into your unique piece of art that’ll fit your body and personality.

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Bella (Heise.Tattooer)

Resident-Guest Artist

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Bella is our Resident-Guest Artist.

She specializes in Abstract & Oriental \ Asian style tattoo and art. you can always be updated with us when will be her next visit at our studio and book your appointment with her directly.


Resident-Guest Artist